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2018-12-07 08:45:00

Merab Kokaia's lecture "Is Gene Therapy the Future Form of Treatment for Epilepsy?" very warmly received

Recently, professor Merab Kokaia, one of CombiGene's scientific founders, held a lecture titled "Is Gene Therapy the Future Form of Treatment for Epilepsy?" at the offices of the Epilepsy Association of Greater Stockholm.

The lecture was greatly appreciated, as noted by Berit Margaard, chairperson of the Epilepsy Association of Greater Stockholm.

"Those of us working to improve epilepsy care often hear that it is quite complicated, since the illness is so complex. Developing new medicines is time-consuming, high-risk and expensive work. So it's gratifying when someone says that gene therapy could be a breakthrough for patients in whom the location of the specific epileptic centre in the brain can determined. The person spreading a bit of that joy this November at the Epilepsy Association of Greater Stockholm was Merab Kokaia, a genetic researcher in Lund. He believes that the epilepsy centre at Lund University Hospital and CombiGene could begin clinical testing in three to five years. We look forward to that. Especially everyone who cannot be helped by medical treatments."

For CombiGene, this feedback is a fantastic source of inspiration for continuing its work on progressing the company's drug candidate towards clinical studies.

CombiGene AB (publ)

Jan Nilsson, VD
Tel: +46 (0)704 66 31 63

By combining modern neuroscience with recent advances in gene delivery, CombiGene has developed a method shown to suppress epileptic seizures in preclinical studies. The current focus is on continuing to develop this method into an effective and safe therapy for epilepsy patients, but the method may also have development potential as a means of treating other neurological disorders. Founded on the basis of scientific discoveries made at Lund University and the University of Copenhagen, CombiGene has offices at Medicon Village in Lund, Sweden. The company is public and listed on the Swedish marketplace Spotlight.

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