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2021-02-18 09:30:17

Irisity AB: Changed shareholding in senior executives in Irisity

Irisity AB (publ) comments on reduced shareholding for Erik Landolsi.

Erik Landolsi, CTO of Irisity, has through the company Pixelwise Holding AB reduced his shareholding in Irisity by 130,000 shares. Erik Landolsi's total holding in the company now amounts to 566,895 shares.

This divestment follows the agreement the company reached with Landolsi in connection with the acquisition of Visionists AB in January 2017, where 130,000 shares will be divested semi-annually and distributed as part of the purchase price between the former owners of Visionists.


For further information:

Marcus Bäcklund, Irisity CEO

Phone: +46 771 41 11 00


Andreas Höye, Irisity CFO

Phone: +46 769 01 34 51


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