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2019-10-11 09:52:13

TargetEveryOne: CEO update

Now it's been about two months since I joined TargetEveryone with the mission to turn the company into a stable and profitable business. I have been assigned the task of taking the company from a development phase into a profitable commercialization.

Since I started, we have done extensive restructuring of large parts of the business where we have worked towards the goal of making this a structured company that seriously capitalizes on the resources we carry.

Some of the decisions taken and results achieved are below;
  • Created a smaller and slim organization optimized for sales of SpectrumOne
  • Dismissed resources that did not deliver on their goals and thus reduced our cost base
  • Started recruiting new employees in both Norway and Sweden
  • Leaned the administration and put focus solely on profitable business
  • Module-based our business model so that it is adapted to our market and customers
  • Successfully performed a directed issue to our major shareholders and thus secured our progress forward

Ever since I got the assignment as CEO, I have been thinking a lot about what makes a company succeed. An American entrepreneur, Bill Gross, did a study a few years ago aimed at finding out exactly that. He examined 200 successful and less successful start-ups to find out what the single biggest reason was for a company to succeed. Surprised, he concluded that timing was the most important thing. Not financing, not business model, not business concept, not organization. But timing!

We are in a time where power has shifted from the one who has the most information to the one who can make the most of it. Anyone who knows their customers best also makes better decisions. Both operational and strategic ones. This summer, one of our industry colleagues Tableau was acquired by Salesforce for amazingly $15.7 billion. This provides guidance on where the market is headed in our industry, the Martech industry. There is a clear value in being able to help customers analyze, visualize and segment big data and thus create insights for management, marketing departments and owners to make important decisions.

Every customer meeting I've been to proves my thesis that SpectrumOne is absolutely right in time. It is fast and effective, it is aesthetically pleasing, it has all the desirable features and it hits the right target group.

We have previously had a plan for all sales to be direct from us, we are now reviewing this in order create a partner strategy instead. Last month, I met with some ten different potential partners, both Swedish but also major American giants. Everyone has been impressed by SpectrumOne, without exception. Herein lies a work to formalize the form of cooperation with several of these. Additionally, we are working hard to close our ongoing business cases with various customers.

The partner program will give us an opportunity to truly get a leverage on SpectrumOne while direct sales will maintain contact with our end users.

I am now looking forward to an exciting quarter expecting to close deals with new strategic partners and some significant well-known customers.

Hosni Teque-Omeirat
Group Chief Executive Officer
TargetEveryone AB

Phone: +46 70 225 18 77

About TargetEveryone

TargetEveryone is a MARTECH company, enabling our clients to streamline their 1-1 digital marketing, content and experiences within one SaaS online platform. Our unique solution makes marketeers able to easily target exactly the customers they want, and communicate with them in the channels they prefer, to maximize ROI. Our clients can easily segment their customers based on CRM data, market data and transactional data. Further, they can use a campaign editor to quickly build campaigns, and distribute these through our multichannel distribution system either by Email, SMS or SMS landing pages. TargetEveryone's headquarter is in Oslo, with branch offices in Sweden, Holland and USA. TargetEveryone is listed on Nasdaq First North in Stockholm and Merkur Market in Oslo.

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