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2019-07-16 08:00:00

Integrum AB: Integrum Continues to Strengthen its Position as the Leader in Osseointegration at the Amputee Coalitions National Conference 2019

Integrum, the world leader in osseointegrated prosthetics for amputees is excited to announce its inaugural participation as an exhibitor at the 2019 Amputee Coalition's National Conference in San Antonio, Texas held July 25th-27th, 2019.

Integrum has been a gold sponsor to the American Amputee Coalition since January 2019. The American Amputee Coalition is a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for amputees and their families through support, education and advocacy. The Amputee Coalition reaches over 500,000 people within the limb loss community.

Rickard Branemark, MD, PhD, Chairman and Founder of Integrum, Research Scientist at the Biomechatronics Group at MIT, and one of the most experienced osseointegration orthopedic surgeons in the world will participate in a panel discussion, Giants of Osseointegration, on Friday July 26th from 4-6 p.m.

In addition to having Dr. Branemark at Integrum's booth (Booth 310), Rick Cicero, an OPRA Osseointegrated (above knee and elbow) Peer Mentor will be present to answer questions and demonstrate the difference the OPRA System can make to over 1,500 amputees and specialist participating in this Conference.

The Amputee Coalition's National Conference provides Integrum with a strategic opportunity to announce new opportunities for people to receive osseointegration in the U.S. and promote existing centers using the OPRA System, eliminating the need to travel abroad.

Over the past 6-7 years the introduction and consideration of osseointegration as a viable option for specific amputees within the limb loss community has continued to establish itself in the U.S. market. This rapidly developing treatment for amputee care gained a considerable boost when the FDA awarded Integrum an HDE approval for the OPRA System in July 2015. The subsequent years have seen the Department of Defense and the University of California San Francisco complete the majority of procedures with the OPRA System since that time. The work completed at these centers has helped provide valuable insight and the time for Integrum to continued and enhance the approach, explanation, education and demonstration of the surgical procedures and rehabilitation protocols to facilitate hospital acceptance of this option for Limb Loss Restoration in the challenging and evolving U.S. health care system.

            "I recall 20 years ago learning about the potential option of osseointegration as a solution for limb loss. I thought to myself that will never happen! Given the number of OI amputees that will be present at the conference as well as some of the announcements that will be made during the conference… Osseointegration is here!" Says: Kurt Collier, Certified Prosthetist and Amputee (29 years). VP of Prosthetics, Integrum Inc.

For further information contact

María López, CEO. Mobile: +46 708 46 10 69, Email:

Blake Pokress, VP North America. Mobile: 650-862-9302, Email:

Certified Adviser

Erik Penser Bank AB, Certified Adviser can be reached at +46 8 463 8000 or

Integrum provides innovative solutions for bone-anchored prostheses. Integrum's OPRA implant system improves quality of life for amputees through higher prosthetic functionality, improved comfort and improved mobility. With 20 years' experience from 500 surgeries in 14 countries, Integrum has today a leading position in bone anchored protheses. The company is publicly listed at Nasdaq Firth North.

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