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2019-09-05 08:00:00

Irisity AB: Irisity updates the status of international SaaS sales

Irisity AB (publ) reports international status for SaaS services IRIS™

Irisity delivers a complete high-performance IRIS™ product portfolio for a global market and meets continued strong market acceptance. The company carries out commercial roll-out internationally for Trivalor in Portugal, G4S in Latvia and Lithuania, Viking Security in Estonia, Site Guard Security in South Africa, Skan Kontroll in Norway, ISS World in Thailand, and a global security group in Croatia and Thailand. The company is negotiating agreements with three global security groups for licensing in a total of 19 countries in the regions of South America, Europe and Southeast Asia. Pilots are also conducted and completed in Indonesia, Poland, Turkey, the Netherlands, Mexico, Chile, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates. The majority of these pilots are expected to lead to new license agreements and commercial roll-out.

The introduction of IRIS™ means great rationalization potential as well as increased analytical precision for our SaaS customers, but also requires some change in working methods and processes - a change work and a change process that can be time-consuming. In order to facilitate this process and thereby increase the rate of deployment of IRIS™, the company is implementing the following efforts:

-       The SaaS international launch team has been expanded with several new recruits and language areas, and is supported by specialist consultants from the company's consulting unit.

-       Marketing and sales has been strengthened to support SaaS customers' new tender and sales with IRIS™, as well as expanded market focus to include SME security companies.

-       A new major release of IRIS™ has been launched which greatly facilitates SaaS customers to increase the roll-out rate on their own.

Irisity is constantly developing new AI-based algorithms where the SaaS service IRIS™ is complemented by several new cutting edge algorithms. Through advanced video analysis and machine learning, we increase the value creation and precision of our SaaS customers.

For further information:

Gustav Nilsson, COO

Phone: +46 739 81 82 95

Gustav Nilsson, COO

Phone: +46 739 81 82 95

Irisity AB (publ) is a leader in intelligent camera surveillance. Using AI and proactive, self-learning algorithms, we upgrade both existing and new surveillance cameras and monitoring systems from passive to proactive alarming devices. IRIS™, Irisity's SaaS solution, turns attention on true events rather than false alarms. Irisity's high-precision AI algorithms detect human activity at long distances during all light conditions down to few pixels only.

IRIS™ currently serves a wide range of security applications for hundreds of customers internationally.


The Irisity AB (publ) share IRIS is listed on Nasdaq First North Growth Market

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