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SpectrumOne: Interim report Q2, 2020

April - June 2020

Second quarter 2020
  • Net sales amounted to MSEK 2.7 (2.9)
  • EBITDA before extraordinary costs amounted to MSEK -8.9 (-11.0)
  • EBT amounted to MSEK 12.2* (-12.4)
  • Earnings per share before dilutions amounted to SEK  0.13 (-0.22)
  • SpectrumOne AB (publ) completes acquisition of Cloud Explorers AS
  • SpectrumOne AB announces the acquisition of the data analytics and consulting company Qbim AB
  • The Board of Directors in SpectrumOne AB decides on a free of payment rights issue of units and directed issue of units
Significant events after the reporting period
  • SpectrumOne AB publishes Prospectus relating to the rights issue of units.
  • SpectrumOne AB is being delisted from Merkur Market in Oslo.
  • SpectrumOne AB announces the acquisition of the data company Å-data Infosystems AB.

*includes profit from participation in associated companies amounting to MSEK 21.4

CEO statement

A sharp strategy and the target in sight

Leaving second quarter behind us means also leaving the start phase of one of the most developing and learning periods for our company and me personally. The transformative economic downturn that took place in the aftermath of the novel Coronavirus nearly paralyzed many organizations. The pandemic has also changed many organizations for many years to come. However, when the worst phase started subsiding, we saw new opportunities and reformed ways of acting based on changed priorities that our customers began to get. Suddenly what SpectrumOne has to offer is on the radar on numerous new potential customers and partners.

A changing time

Since we divested our legacy business, we have implemented a new set of sales processes in order to match and reflect the higher value we bring and the advanced position in the value chain we can be in with SpectrumOne. This new sales strategy requires more of us and our partners and it also takes more time. We are approaching decision makers higher up in the hierarchy which renders more impact on our customers and a higher price on our products. With a set plan and a road map for the second quarter we saw a reduction of speed in our sales processes. After the first phase of the pandemic, new priorities with our customers put us again on their main radar and our dialogues and processes not only took new turns but also generated heavy interest from larger partners that saw the change in the market.

Despite the heavy economic downturn, we have updated SpectrumOne and made it compatible with additional systems that our customers and partners use. We have seen increased screen time for existing and new customers. More users than ever use our platform to understand, analyze and draw insights from their own data. SpectrumOne creates unsurpassed results for our customers and our partner dialogue. The proof of concept that we already have created with their customers has generated echoes throughout the partners' organization all the way to the top. At this pace, it is inevitable that we become the obvious partner not only for our European prospectus in the business data industry but all relevant players within the very same industry.

Having said that, we also see a strong reason now to ensure that all departments within the company are prepared for the interesting discussions that will follow, given the agreements and partnerships that we will pursue in the near future. Therefore, we have contacted the people we believe have the greatest opportunities to be beneficial in such circumstances. People who understand the industry, who know how they think on the "other side" of the negotiating table, people that have been in charge of the industry.

Revenue and doubled margins

Less than one year ago, we decided to divest our legacy business TargetEveryone. Some of the reasons were that the company was not profitable, the business did not deliver any noteworthy margins and scalability was low. Less than one year after that divestment, we are able to show that we made the right choice. Today, sales are back at about the same level as before the divestment, but with one significant difference  -  margins have more than doubled compared with the same quarter last year! The transformation of the company now also is reflected in our numbers. A small but yet important proof that investing our future in Big Data, Business Intelligence and Analytics to revolutionize the Martech business in Europe was a decision of prodigy relevance. A change we have been aiming for and looked forward to. We expect this development to continue according to plan.

Our new subsidiaries

Although BizWell deeply underperformed, with periods of no sales at all, our main businesses sought to cover for much of their decreased revenue compared to target. BizWell's market has dropped over 70%. This has affected our overall revenue for the group. Although, I am gratified that we have started off the third quarter with a stronger sales pipe in BizWell and new partnerships that will secure our revenues the coming months. The implementation of SpectrumOne into BizWell has taken somewhat more time. All our resources have been busy courting our potential partner and being at their service ensuring the clients they are presenting to us get the best service possible and the most efficient onboarding in order to create easy gains and a return of investment that beats their expectations. The implementation is to be continued as soon as our expected partner contract is signed and sealed.

Since the acquisition of Qbim was announced, several interesting events have also taken place directly linked to the merge of the companies SpectrumOne and Qbim. Our joint efforts and additional development investments in Qbim have turned out better than expected and led to us today entering the public transport industry, the public health service and government agencies. Thus, making the acquisition of Å-data, a strong player within the public sector, a highly strategic and important move. More of the synergies will be displayed and explained as more actions are taken ahead.

Furthermore, one of the top three tech giants has approached us and presented ideas for collaboration, which will take us to the next step and create opportunities and signed customers. An attention we could never have created by ourselves. Yet another proof that we are taking the right decisions and being spot-on with our analyzes of the market.

Costs for running business

During the second quarter, we launched our warrant program, which has so far developed successfully, and given our shareholders a good dividend on invested capital. To ensure the program's safety and guidelines, the program was established together with highly skilled professional financial advisors. The result is a well-established program that ensured a rapid procedure to roll out program, an action plan ahead and phases in the program that would all benefit our shareholders and other significant stakeholders. This ambitious achievement has nevertheless burdened our costs and it is noticeable that our costs for transactions and external consultants have increased significantly during the quarter. However, these are non-recurring costs and we expect a steep reduction in these during the current quarter.

Next level of Prism

With more customers and more users on SpectrumOne than ever before, we have received very good input during the second quarter about how our customers use, experience and benefit from our platform. This has given us great opportunities to further enhance our platform to the great benefit of our existing users and every possible successor to it. We have continued to carefully listen to our customers' expectations and have carried on fueling Prism with innovation at a rapid pace.

Our agile methodology enables the Prism platform to receive continuous updates every two weeks on average, with new features for data analysis, prospection and data visualisations. This results in an outstanding reactivity with our user needs which is recognized by more new customers signing up and maintaining their subscriptions, above all we experience a higher usability and longer screen time from our customers. This is indeed every tech company's target.

To support our growth strategy, the latest developments have been driven by 3 primary axes:

1. Manageability

To support the increase of reseller partners and the continuous enrollment of new customers, priority was given to platform manageability.  The goal is to ease and fasten setup by partners so that they can handle the entire customer enrollment process. Our partners can now by themselves sign up new customers and configure all aspects of Prism. From simple or complex organisation setup, user management, security, data customization, dashboard creation or template work, Prism is now totally configurable from easy to use user-interfaces and online documentation.

2. Scalability

To accommodate a large scale of customer increase though SAAS, our software platform and infrastructure has been upgraded to run the very latest software versions. Therefore, Prism performances are unprecedented, the platform is more stable than ever, and numerous new possibilities are opening up in terms of upcoming features for data analytic space.

3. Stability and new features

From direct customer use cases regarding data analysis, we have implemented various standard features related to BYOD (Bring Your Own Data), more data visualisations for better storytelling and we added significant improvements to the geo-localized map for advanced geographical analysis.

Entering the third quarter we are equipped with the best analytics tool on the market, a daily attention from the largest business data provider in Europe, a pipe with highly competent companies wanting to join forces in taking the lead role in Europe and an A-team of very skilled developers that are making SpectrumOne the next big thing in the data and Martech industry. Next interim report will be released November 10, but we will have good reasons to get back to you many times before that.

Thank you for your patience, and a special thank you to our long-term shareholders who believe in what we do. I'm convinced you'll think it's worth it. It is!

Stockholm, August 2020

Hosni Teque-Omeirat


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SpectrumOne is a leading technology company delivering an advanced Data Management, Analytics & Communications platform suite. Offered in a SaaS online service shipping with rich market data from various professional providers, SpectrumOne provides a unique solution to many leading actors across industry segments in various countries. Enabling clients with fast and easy access to data insight and visualization coupled with powerful search, segmentation, and mapping features. SpectrumOne allows data to be quickly enabled and operationalized, driving activities from customer communication to data science supporting business analysis, strategy, and growth. All of which can be enabled the same day with immediate results. SpectrumOne's headquarter is based in Stockholm, Sweden, responsible for Nordic sales and strategy, with additional sales and business development located in Oslo, Norway.  SpectrumOne is listed on Nasdaq First North Growth Market in Stockholm.

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