12 Apr, 2024

WPTG welcomes Ayima to the company group

12 Apr, 2024

White Pearl Technology Group (WPTG) yesterday announced that it had closed the Public offer for Ayima with an 87.48% ownership stake, ending a successful public takeover and making Ayima group the latest addition to the WPTG family. Ayima's financials will be consolidated into the group from the date the offer document was published and accepted by the majority of owners, being February 26, 2024. Following consolidation there is expected to be a limited effect on WPTG's Q1 results, but the full effect will be seen during Q2.

Under the rules governing public takeovers in Sweden, it is not possible for WPTG to amend or to increase the original offer without compensating all the responders and as such, WPTG has declined to extend the offer and will not pursue the acquisition of the remaining 12.52% of Ayima Group shares at the current time.

The rules are available to download at   (

Ayima is a leader in the Digital Marketing field and has an unparalleled reputation in the SEO/SEM sector. Ayima boasts an enviable client list, composed largely of household name brands, FTSE100 and NYSE Fortune 500 companies. In 2023, Ayima reported revenue of approximately 130 MSEK, and while it also reported a loss for the full year, it is clear from the positive Q4 EBITDA result (0.3 MSEK) that the company has gone a long way to reversing that situation and 2024 is expected to be profitable.

Looking at 2023 results, the combined group presented revenue of approximately 370 MSEK and the group expects that previously reported growth rates are extremely likely to continue or accelerate, considering developments such as the new contract announced today for 118 MSEK over 2 years.

WPTG and Ayima have discussed an aggressive growth strategy, centred around acquisitions, cross-selling and geographic expansion. Ayima has previously announced the signing of an LOI regarding the acquisition of Linkology, a successful UK-based content-marketing company. This acquisition is now expected to be completed as planned, though under the parent group structure rather than within Ayima itself.

Responding to the news of the completed deal, Group CEO Marco Marangoni stated "We are extremely happy to have completed the takeover of Ayima Group. Their professionalism and approach will be a welcome addition to WPTG and the new Digital Innovation division will spearhead our expansion by entering new territories with gold-standard digital marketing solutions"

In response, Ayima Group CEO Mike Jacobson commented "These are exciting times for the Ayima people. We are extremely lucky to have found a parent group that believes in Ayima's vision for growth and innovation and are as supportive as WPTG has proven to be. We are looking forward to a new era of growth and innovation "

Welcome to the WPTG family, AYIMA!!!

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