1 Sep, 2023

Railway Metrics and Dynamics Sweden: Swedish Transport Administration activates Stage 2 of contract with Railway Metrics and Dynamics

1 Sep, 2023

In February 2023, Stage 1 of an agreement between the Swedish Transport Administration and Railway Metrics and Dynamics regarding the authority's innovation procurement was activated. Now Trafikverket has activated Stage 2.

Railway Metrics and Dynamics AB is, as previously communicated, a procured supplier to the Swedish Transport Administration within what is officially called "Innovation procurement - Regarding further development, validation and delivery of new information services for automated measurement of the railway facility". 

Read more: PRESS RELEASE - Million dollar contract with Trafikverket signed (,c3706208) [link to press release in Swedish]

The assignment takes place in three stages. Stage 1 had the sub-goal of developing a demonstration-ready system solution during a six-month period. In Stage 2, the sub-goal is an operational system that will be tested in the field during a 12-month period.

The Swedish Transport Administration has now informed Railway Metrics and Dynamics that the authority has decided to continue the collaboration under Stage 2.

- We are very pleased that Trafikverket has chosen to activate the second stage of the contract. The railway industry is facing a paradigm shift where our modern technology will give the Swedish Transport Administration - and other infrastructure managers around the world - much better control over the railway's maintenance status, says Jan Lindqvist, CEO of Railway Metrics and Dynamics.

In Stage 3, the Swedish Transport Administration can, if available funding allows, purchase the information service for 12 months - with an option for a further 12 months - from systems that in operational tests during Stage 2 proved to best meet the needs of the Swedish Transport Administration.

Railway Metrics and Dynamics estimates the ongoing work in stages 1-2 at SEK 7 326 000. This is the so-called tender sum, which was also announced in the Swedish Transport Administration's procurement system. In addition, Railway Metrics and Dynamics has a preliminary indicated fixed price for "Purchase of the information service" under Stage 3 of SEK 8,600,000. If the Swedish Transport Administration chooses to exercise the option, a preliminary additional SEK 8,600,000 plus ongoing costs during the option period will be added.

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