13 Sep, 2023

Beyond Frames: Outta Hand jumps onto the Meta Quest Store September 28, 2023, pre-order today!

13 Sep, 2023


Stockholm, September 13, 2023 - Capricia Productions and Beyond Frames Entertainment today announced that Capricia's arm-swinging and floor-bashing VR platforming title Outta Hand will be released on Meta Quest store September 28, 2023.

Outta Hand is a high-energy platforming adventure that lets you embody one of the Hand-People, wide-eyed, hop-happy lab experiments with the power to jump great heights, leap impossible lengths, and shake hands from… really, really far away. Like a whole big dining room away. 

Due to not being dumb enough, loveable as you are, Dr. Vendelvom has selected you for immediate termination. Not like fired gone, more like dead gone. 

To save yourself and your brethren, you must platform, jump, bounce, and punch your way through the evil doctor's laboratory with your… uh… very long arms, to take down him and all his baddies. With multiple levels and boss fights along with an endless mode, things might get, shall we say, a little bit "out of hand?" Get it?! No? Fine…

In short, Outta Hand offers:
  • An arm-swinging platforming experience with an exhilarating movement mechanic paired with a humorous light narrative.
  • Let you explore 37 levels to traverse and several mega-bosses to punch!
  • An endless run mode in two flavors for infinite hours of fun.
  • Gives you plenty of movement comfort settings to fit your playstyle.


Follow along in Outta Hand's final stages of development by hitting any of the links below:


Outta Hand's press kit can be found here:

For any press requests including advance requests for game keys, please contact:
Maeva Sponbergs, Beyond Frames CMO,

About Capricia

What started as a metal band and gaming enthusiasts became a fully fledged indie games studio with a growing team from all over the world. Having released their debut game in May 2021, Of Bird and Cage, the capricious and Rock N' Roll spirit of the company is carried into their game development vision. When not working, you can find the developers hanging out in the company owned Metal-Gaming bar (Blaze) in Jerusalem, Israel. Read more about Capricia Productions here:

About Beyond Frames Entertainment

Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, Beyond Frames is an XR-focused publisher with its development studios Cortopia, Moon Mode and partner studio Odd Raven. Offering creative and technical consulting, funding, marketing and publishing services, Beyond Frames partners with studios creating amazing XR products such as Ghosts of Tabor (Combat Waffle Studios), Outta Hand (Capricia Productions), ARK and ADE (Castello Inc.), Silhouette (Team Panoptes) and Mixture (Played With Fire), 

Beyond Frames Entertainment AB (publ) is listed on the Swedish Spotlight Stock Market, ISIN: SE0011614965.

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